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OT Services

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    Assessment of Muscle Strength, Endurance , Range of Motion, Coordination, Bilateral Integration, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Sensory Motor Integration, Visual/Auditory Processing Skills, Self-Help, Social Skills
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    Individual Sessions

    After assessment, your therapist will discuss goals and implement a therapy plan. The frequency and duration of therapy is centered around what is realistic for families.
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    Kinder/School Visits

    Our therapists will arrange to come out to your child's kinder and school and liaise with their teachers to ensure consistent goals.

Handy Information

  • When do I see an OT?

    This can always be a tough question for parents. How do you decide if your child's difficulties are normal or a sign of something more? It is always recommended that if you feel that something is not right to book for an assessment and get some advice.
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  • What to Expect

    Parents are always eager to know what to expect with their child's fine and gross motor milestones. Every child is different and it is important to remember that all developmental steps are a guide only and if you are concerned you should get advice.
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  • Prewriting Tips

    Parents often ask what activities they can do with their child at home in order to imporve their writing skills. They are number of fun activities you can try with your preschoolers to encourage prewriting skills.

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  • Sensory Disorder - What does it mean?

    Occupational therapists work to treat children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Often this can be a confusing disorder to understand.

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